Definition of Personal Information

TOKYO VIDEO GAMERS recognizes that personal information is information about a living individual prescribed under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, or password for using our service.

Acquisition of personal information

To the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use, we will properly acquire personal information and will not acquire it by unauthorized means.

purpose of use

We use the acquired personal information for the following purposes. (1) Notification of information related to shipping of our services, related after-sales services, and new product services (2) Response to inquiries regarding our services (3) Notification of changes in terms of our services

Third party provided

Without the consent of the individual, TOKYO VIDEO GAMERS will not provide Personal Information to any third party, except for cases permitted under the related laws or regulations.

Disclose, Correct, Suspend, Delete

TOKYO VIDEO GAMERS will, based on the provisions of the related laws or regulations, properly respond to comment(s) and request(s) from the individual regarding handling of Personal Information such as to disclose, correct, stop receiving further product or service information from TOKYO VIDEO GAMERS, or to delete Personal Information of their own after confirming their identity.

Customer Desk

Please contact the appropriate customer desk under the guidance of each company to which you have provided your Personal Information.
Phone Number : 03-5577-5106

Privacy Policy

We will change this privacy policy as needed. When this privacy policy is changed, the content will be displayed on our website.

【Established August 6, 2020】

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